Literature Circles



As I have posted it before, in grade 5 we do an activity called Lit Circles. This picture is from yesterday the 19th of November. My role here was illustrater mapper.

I chose this picture because in my summary it was my favorite part of the book. I am really looking forward to doing more Literature Circles in grade 6.


The Elephant Road

image         image

Today 9th of November  we started lit circles. We wrote down the roles we would have during lit circles. The book I have to read is The Elephant Road. It’s is about An elephant who goes off the track, and a boy helps find the way back.



Greensborough band and choir



On Thursday 15th of October, we got to see Greensborough College band and choir perform. The choir sung… Uptown funk (by Bruno Mars) and It’s A Climb (by Miley Cyrus.) The band played I’m A Believer that was in shrek, Thriller (by Michael Jackson) and they played rolling in the deep (by Adele.) When the choir sung Uptown Funk we sung the bit in the song where it goes DO DO DO DO!!!!


Leadership Day



The Apollo grade 5’s went to Montmorency  Secondary College to learn about how to be a good leader. The grade 5’s  had a lovely time and learned a lot about leadership.

I was in the group purple. And my favourite activity was the M&M activity where you had to suck up M&M’s out of a bowl with a straw and put them in another bowl without them falling off. Purples score was 37 but we came second because of dark green finishing with a score of 45.

I learned that you have to use teamwork, communication and cooperation to be a really good leader. I also learned that you can improve your leadership.



I hope you enjoy looking at my posts.

There will be a lot of soccer and sport posts. I enjoy looking at your posts. Feel free to comment on any of my posts.

From Lara


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